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With the explosion of technology and the World Wide Web in particular, it is easier than ever to develop a problem with sexual compulsivity. The Internet’s ever present accessibility can lead you into out of control sexual behaviors fairly quickly. Interestingly, it’s not a particular behavior or the frequency of acting out, that determines the presence of an addiction. In fact, there can be a wide range of sexual behaviors that can be considered normative or conversely fall into the category of an addiction. So how do we determine if you have an addictive problem? A clinician would consider an addiction when some of the following criteria are met.

  • Loss of control
  • Repeated failed attempts to stop
  • Preoccupation or obsessing about the behavior
  • The need to intensify or engage in the behavior more frequently
  • Continuing the behavior despite negative consequences on your level of functioning
  • Anxiety or distress when unable to engage in, or while attempting to refrain from the behavior

Frequently, addicts experience depression and anxiety, as the effect of their behavior impacts their mood. You may also have feelings of shame, guilt, and despair over your inability to take control over these behaviors which you desperately want to stop.

In treatment, we will identify contributing factors, underlying emotions, and gain insight into your patterns of behavior. You will learn effective strategies to take back control and how to cope with stressors. In addition, incorporating alternative healthy outlets and enjoyable activities will be a key factor in your recovery. In time, you will experience a reduction in shame, improved mood and experience healthy and satisfactory relationships.   

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