“Mordechai is an avid thinker, with a great capacity to analyze complex clinical issues, and seek out appropriate clinical interventions. I would highly recommend him.”                

Akiva Perlman, Ph.D., LCSW, Professor

Long Island University

“I have had the privilege of training and working together with Mordechai for a number of years. He is an extremely dedicated therapist, who is committed to thoroughly expanding the depth of his expertise, providing compassionate and effective care for his clients. I highly recommend him!”

Avi Shteingart, LCSW

“Mordechai Weiss is a highly trained therapist, and as a colleague, I have had the privilege of witnessing firsthand his utmost dedication to the field of mental health. Anyone seeking his services can be confident that they are under the care of a sincere professional who provides therapeutic intervention of the highest caliber to his clients.”

Shaya Hecht, LCSW

“Mordechai is a very well-trained and caring therapist who knows how to get results for clients struggling with OCD, Anxiety, or Sex Addiction issues near Lakewood, NJ. I recommend him highly.”

Mirel Goldstein, MS, MA, LPC

“I especially appreciated the profound insight you provided and your ability to get to the core of my issues all while providing a compassionate and non-judgmental experience.” 

S.W. - Client

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